conversations with myself

R 950.00


oil on canvas, 80cm x 60cm

Perhaps you are familiar with that moment when you look around and wonder what on earth is the point to it all? You know you are doing the things you were created for but there seems to be nothing happening, no future shore or hope in sight. Stuck in the very thing that was supposed give you the wings to fly. This is where I found myself at the beginning of the year. These were the conversations I was having. Desperate. Where was God? Where was this loving Father I had put my trust in? Why was it so hard?

From this valley I began to pour out my fears onto the canvas and as I went, so the darkness, the burden, got lighter. Until at some point, after weeks of stormy weather the light broke through and my spirits lifted. It was then that I realized I had never been alone. There was an angel in my boat that I just hadn’t been able to see, blinded as I was by the tempests around me. The waiting and lack of apparent movement were in fact buying for me a treasure of great value: a stronger faith to withstand life’s pressures. This piece/peace – first the painting followed by the sculpture, formed the initial inspiration for this exhibition: Where The Light Shines Through.


It is true, in Genesis, where it speaks of what was intended for harm, God uses for good to accomplish the saving of lives.

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