Conversations at sea


R 60,000.00 R 68,000.00


Bronze edition of 12, approx 50cm(h) x 50cm(l) x 22cm(w)

This bronze sculpture was borne out of a deep questioning season that I experienced earlier this year. These were the conversations I was having. Desperate. Where was God? Where was this loving Father I had put my trust in? Why was it so hard

After weeks of stormy weather the light broke through and my spirits lifted. It was then that I realized I had never been alone. There was an angel in my boat that I just hadn’t been able to see, blinded as I was by the tempests around me. The waiting and lack of apparent movement were in fact buying for me a treasure of great value: a stronger faith to withstand life’s pressures.

God is always listening, always sustaining, always kind, always present, always upholding us even when we cannot see him.

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