learning to kiss the waves


R 950.00


Oil on canvas

700mm x 700mm

 "I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages”, words from C.H. Spurgeon that imbue my current challenging circumstances with meaning.

I have learned to appreciate the waves: those difficult, painful circumstance that challenge my notion of self preservation,
… those waves of doubt and barrenness that challenge my belief in God’s existence and goodness,
… those waves of injustice and fear that threatens to drown my hope and courage,

WHY? Because I have come to view them as the kindest, most beautiful expressions of God’s sovereign love to me by removing, like a dangerous object from a child, the things in my life that I play with for my security, for my identity, my gratification and my hope…my search for quick fixes leads me into a shallow, selfish,independent life devoid of any magnificent eternal backdrop.

The Rock of Ages, the person of God in Jesus Christ, is a safe place to be thrown onto, an unshakeable reality, totally reliable and THE only true foundation for our souls.  Therefore, any event or circumstance that causes me to spend more time on the Rock - close to God, I value enormously because it grows my faith, hope and  joy as I experience His powerful workings in my life amidst these very storms.

This year my prayer for you is that you will learn to kiss the waves that bring you back to God.

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