The Silent Suite (4'33") (DScc287)


R 395.00 R 500.00


A tribute to John Cage’s three silent movements totalling 4min and 33 seconds.

And it was literally, silent.

Except for the shuffling and occasional cough that come from the orchestra and audience… but he redefined music.

Cage had been inspired by one of the most cerebral artists of the 20th century…Marcel Duchamp - himself having made an emphatic statement that all art is subjective… calling a porcelain urinal a fountain.

If you think about it, even this painting is silent in itself, yet possibly evokes an internal hearing of sounds and life. The possibilities of imagination are infinite.

A fine art print by South African artist, Duncan Stewart. This mini canvas print is part of the popular CREATIVE COLLECTABLES, measuring 180mm x 180mm x 30mm, stretched and ready to hang!

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