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CREATIVITY in small bytes 1: Educated out of Creativity

"....have you been educated out of your CREATIVITY?"


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where the light shines through...

My solo show is up and running at ART In The YARD in Franschhoek (that town has a tricky name to spell correctly)...what a great experience it has been working with Georgia and her team, not forgetting Rob - gifted photographer. And my word, a more beautiful setting one couldn't ask for. The show runs until the 19th of October so if you are in that next of the beautiful Cape woods and winelands, go and check it out - would love to hear your thoughts.

I must confess, I have been challenged to know what to create? My professors in Florence always were on about it's not WHAT but HOW you paint. Yet the theme concept is so profound...'where the light shines through...' that I found myself exploring all manner of previous paths where I may have stumbled upon earlier answers.

Years ago I sat at a huge open hearth fireplace somewhere in Tuscany and engraved above it were the words...'In thy light do we see light' Psalm 36:9. Leonard Cohen sang it this way, 'There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'

I borrow wisdom from both.

In the revelation of who God is and how much He loves me. For in His love I see (comprehend) how broken I am, how many wayward cracks I have. Cracks that only His mercy can reveal - and heal. The world doesn't care, it sells the lie that I am fine but actually I am not. And in the kindness of revealing, when my broken parts are seen for what they are, in the re-defining light of who He is...then my journey to wholeness starts. God's kindness leading me - that's where the light shines through.

This collection includes some of my responses to that leading.



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SERIAL selfies

In order to discover new things I like to play - just putting up a sheet of Fabriano paper and begin drawing whatever comes into...or out of my head. There I was, staring at this daunting sheet of infinite possibility when the only thing I could see amidst the white-out was my own shadow cast by the lights in my studio.

Can anything good come from simply tracing my outline. Well it seems my outline, and yours for that matter, contain infinite possibilities. The fruits of which I have begun to explore in this, what I call, 'serial selfies'.

I will be posting more about them and what I discovered through drawing them.



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The Charcoal Wars

Inspired by a friend's dream which I wanted to translate into a charcoal drawing, the process rapidly metamorphosed into an experimental stop-motion movie. Whole new worlds are opening up with powerful stories that need to be told...I sense this was my first skirmish - an important one.

I would love to hear from you if you likes and please feel free to share... also, there will be prints available of the final scene if you are fighting a battle right now and need a reminder to be courageous and not give up!

May the ensuing battles be AWESOME and produce hope, courage and confidence to fight for the TRUTH.


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Le penguins are coming



Yep, they are under starters orders, soon to be hurtling to a gallery near you....LEGO Penguins in all their finest procelain glory...and for a sneak preview....a little clip...soon to be released from the captivity of my Mac!

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